Company Profile

New World P & I Service Co., Ltd headquartered in Shanghai, was established as a national professional insurance brokerage firm in 2008 accredited by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), with a registered capital of RMB 10 million.

New World P & I Service Co., Ltd specializes in marine insurance brokage such as Hull Insurance, P & I Insurance, Charterer Liability Insurance and Cargo Liability Insurance. It has always been adhering to the corporate philosophy that "Service Creates Value" by providing excellent risk solutions and all-around claim services for major Chinese shipping companies. Its greatest aspiration is supporting Chinese shipping industry and serving marine finance. It holds firm its immutable promise that “Whenever needed, we go all out” to clients. In years of practice, the company offers full-tracking claim services whenever an insurance accidents happens, including assisting clients to react on the scene and contacting the insurers. In this way, it guarantees......




The Business Scope

船壳险、船东保赔责任险、租家责任险、抗辩险、修船险 海洋运输险、码头责任险、拖航险、特战险、船舶建造险、污染责任险…… (查看详情

专业责任险 煤矿产品保险 企业保险 员工福利险 特殊风险…… (查看详情

Classic Case



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